Monday, July 9, 2007

Hoorah for Transformers!

Transformers was one of my favorite cartoon shows growing up. When I first heard of the news that they're going to make a live action movie of it, at first I was a bit weary. The show had been off the air for more than a decade now (well, I mean the show has reruns on some channels but no new episodes). Slowly, as "spoilers" leak in, I got excited. Could it really become a good film?

I've seen the movie, and I have to admit I love it. There were some flaws, but the movie was so fun to watch that you'll just don't care about those flaws.

Since the Philippines was one of the countries who showed Transformers earlier than the US, I didn't know if it would be a hit or a miss in the US. (If a movie is a hit in the US, you can say that it would be a hit everywhere else). Now that it's been shown in America, I'm glad that it did well in the box-office!

Hopefully this means they'll do a sequel.

BBC news on the success of Transformers